Anemonefish in Anemone


Exploring underwater is one of my favorite activities on earth. Combining my passion for photography with underwater challenges has shaped my half of my life.

Dahlia Study


All natural, extraordinary design and colors

Haight Street Shop, San Francisco, California

San Francisco Scenes

My home is a truly unique metropolis.

Reef Meets Squall, Bora Bora, French Polynesia


Liquid or frozen, moving or still, water and light provide an endless fascination for me.

Grizzly Bear in the River


It is a privilege to share the planet with some amazing animals; Animal behaviors are thrilling to me. To visually communicate my admiration for the beauty and curiosity of creatures requires time in the field, patience, and good fortune.

Rainbow Chard

Fresh Produce

The colors, patterns, and textures found in farmers' markets are a source of delicious inspiration.


Form & Color

Certain shapes, patterns or colors have a magnetic effect on me. An awareness takes hold and I am compelled to try and capture the observed moment of unique alignments.

Shopper, UNIQLO, San Francisco


What story is told in these moments